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What Are The Requirements Of Hospital Custom-made Doctors And Nurses?
- May 03, 2018 -

The work clothes are the overall embodiment of the corporate image, and the requirements for uniforms are inconsistent in each industry. So, do you know the requirements of the hospital for doctors and nurses?

Because the nurses were the general cognition is a "white angel", so custom hospital doctors and nurses serving all had better choose a pure white, with appropriate in a clean environment for healing, and it can create a clean white ChangFu feeling, if there is a little dirty ChangFu immediately found that with hospital performance and clean degree, so the better choose white, we are accustomed to angels.

Second: work in a hospital doctor, is fastidious antivirus, cleaning, etc., as a result of the in and out of the hospital patients, what situation has, so the hospital is also with bacteria most occasions, the hospital usually give homework personnel ChangFu regularly, first is to clean disinfection homework, use disinfectant will discolor the clothes, and white ChangFu but convenient, also will not fade.

Third: choose white ChangFu, and is due to the white looks contrast can let a person feel soft, not easy to influence the patient's nerve, because everyone will wear white clothes, measured relatively boring white man does not see more.

Else, work in a hospital doctors know, doctor nurse ChangFu is not the same color, for example, the colour of green, usually in the emergency department and the operating room, choose green is the meaning of the green channel, serious illness can choose pink clothes, and the special color clothes like a normal white coat is not even the body, but rather to two or morethings, these are selected for convenient operation.