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What Are The Differences Between Professional Clothing Customization And Cultural Shirt?
- May 03, 2018 -

Many people think that the cultural shirt is the professional clothing, there is a big difference, let's talk about the difference between the two.

T-shirt: a T-shirt is a special T-shirt! A general T-shirt is a short-sleeved, round collar shirt designed with a specific meaning in a garment. Most of the shirts reflect the unique temperament and personality of the wearer.

From the above business attire the basic definition of custom and culture can be seen: they both from custom is different, the purpose of business attire is to enhance corporate image, and the t shirts come from individuals; The professional clothing customization brings the enterprise publicity color and integrates the enterprise culture in the customized business attire, while the cultural shirt is to make public individuality; Another is that the professional clothing is the formal management standard, wearing the business suit means accepting the company's rules and regulations.

Professional clothing: the garment is specially designed to enhance the corporate image, to display the cultural connotation of the enterprise and to meet the needs of the work. Customized business attire according to the customer's requirements, combined with the feature of professional, team culture, age structure, shape characteristics, habits, etc., from clothing custom colors, fabrics, design, modelling, match consider many aspects, to provide professional attire design, for customers to build rich in connotation and taste new professional image.