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Introduce The Skills Of Tailoring High-end Suits
- May 03, 2018 -

Production upscale boutique business suit, the technology and skills have certain requirements, each key points and details should not be ignored, to be practical, seiko spy, in inconspicuous places, reflect the unique design and wonderful artical excelling nature.

To cut a fine suit, you should first have the following requirements:

1. The electric knife should not be too large, the best is 5 inch, 6 inch should not exceed 8 inches, the knife is flexible and easy to operate, especially the 5 inch knife cut thin material is the most appropriate. It is a big mistake to understand that some Chinese clothing companies think that buying a big knife can be cut.

2. The thickness of the cloth should not be too thick. The thickness of the hand should be 5-15cm. If the fabric is easy to draw, such as willow creases and georgette, it is better to lay a soft and thick layer of other materials on the bottom paper and the surface paper. (can go to the warehouse to find the waste)

Next, introduce the operation methods and techniques of tailoring the fine suit:

First, cut small pieces before cutting large ones. Cut the outer opening (line) before cutting the lining (line). Let's break it straight.

2. Hold the knife in the right hand, and hold the palm of the palm against the edge of the knife. When you do not need to press the foot, the index finger should not stand on the press foot. It will be safer and more focused. The right elbow naturally lifts and does not sag. The left hand from the outside side of the paper to the press foot to the side of the foot to stop, the index finger is basically parallel to the pressure foot rather than placed in front of the foot. The thumb is not up. The fabric with light pressure cover paper is soft and natural, not too high pressure, the center of pressure is vertically downward to prevent the lining of the fabric from affecting the accuracy. When the knife is pushed forward, press the foot from the left hand to the left of the tiger 3-5 cm from the left hand back to repeat the previous movement, attention to the continuity.

Three, feed the presser foot loose point the fabrics of natural light pressure surface covered with paper, aim at 180 ° cutting line feed. When the knife is out, the left index finger or thumb gently press the right hand to press the foot to match well, slightly pressing the key out of the knife.

4. The left hand is placed in front of the pressure foot, while the other fingers and palm are placed on the fabric. The right hand light push cutter makes the knife eye control between 0.2 and 0.3 cm. Ask for a straight or diagonal pattern.

5. When cutting the arc, try to draw the knife in two directions and pay attention to the smooth interface. For example, the slit cage arc.

6. When cutting the sleeves of the garment, you can first place a knife (about 2 cm) in the side seam sleeve and then cut it from the shoulder seam.

Seven, such as cutting collar on both sides have small Angle we can play on the right a knife to cut right near the center, to the original cutting into local notice the outlet do not pull prevent to connect wire (not cutting) lead to reel off raw silk from cocoons. And then to the left, you have to go from the center to the left. It's going to be slower but more standard.