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Innovative Design Of Nurses' Clothing
- May 03, 2018 -

Nurses are referred to as a "white angel" because they dressed in white work clothes, but with the development of the designer has carried on the innovation to nurse, avoid nurse is all white, uniform is the same.

Nurses' clothing has always been white, which has allowed designers to see innovation. In the hospital, there are many white things, doctor's white coat, hospital bed. If the nurse's dress is white, it will look the same. At the same time, many of the hospital's colors are so cool that designers have come up with the idea of adding a warm hue to these cool tones. So they designed a pink, round collar nurse.

Designers believe that pink brings warmth and happiness. And the nurse's job is special, and she's always in contact with a lot of patients. So the pink nurse's dress can accentuate the nurse's image and make the nurse look beautiful. Let the hospital have a good image in the eyes of the patient.

The innovation and improvement of the nurses' clothing also showed us the humanization of the design. It is believed that the development of nurses' clothing will be better in the future, and more nurses will be designed.