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How Does An Ideal School Uniform Come About?
- May 03, 2018 -

From the level of clothing design, uniform actually belongs to the category of uniform, but special is that it faces is the group of students, the body is in a development period, it is the representative of the knowledge accomplishment, so the dress must be different from other industry groups. School uniform designers especially consider the following particularities.

Version inclusive.

Students age span is big, body also because of larger changes in puberty and faster, so the growth period should be considered in the design and the characteristics of human body engineering, exquisite size proportion relations, the size of the version should be take the greatest common divisor, is suitable for the students in different height size, and can withstand the costume development change, students in the period of the design characteristics of school uniforms is particularly important. If the waist head of trousers below 130cm must be fully elastic design, and above 150cm is adjustable waist head; Skirt, petticoat length and material need to consider the growth factor to the utmost.

The fabric material

Many people think that "design" is not related to "fabric", but it is not. There are many designs that require specific materials to be expressed; Also, there are many materials that have special requirements for design. A senior fashion designer will definitely consider the perfect combination of design and material. For school uniforms, the requirements are higher. Children's safety, health problems, no small matter, at the same time in the development of children is the most sensitive, move more, so the choice of materials in different category, uniform must ensure comfort, safety and the necessary functionality. If the style of the skin that fits the skin is to adopt the natural material that contains cotton taller is main, affinity skin, assure safety. The fabric is made of wear-resisting material as far as possible, and the reasonable function is added, such as "waterproof, oil proof and anti-fouling", to avoid dirty and oil embarrassment. Overcoats are made of waterproof and rainproof coating to keep warm and breathable. Some designers will also consider the use of reflective materials to increase the safety of student travel. Sportswear is wear-resistant knitted fabrics, soft, flexible, easy to exercise. In addition, all school uniform fabrics must consider the index such as washing resistance, abrasion resistance and sun resistance, so as to ensure the convenience and stable quality of daily maintenance.

School culture

When the designer makes the design plan for the school, it should combine the school culture and the school cultural temperament, and form the solution of the campus clothing system as a whole. Uniforms must be compatible with the culture and temperament of the school. Good designers will listen more and observe the school itself, from the school's cultural idea, campus temperament, value proposition and other unique elements to the conception. Here is a small example of tsinghua university. The school was founded in 1915, in the process of migrating south with tsinghua university, back to witness the vicissitudes of history of the republic of feng youlan, zhu zi-qing, Ye Qisun, horse, Pan Guangdan famous professor John has served as a school boards or principal, walked out of such as Nobel physics prize winner Yang zhenning, such as Olympic champion He Zi famous alumni. During the design of the school uniform, the designer repeatedly walks around the campus, listens to the school statement, and understands the requirements of the school. In the end, the uniform style of the school is elegant, introvert and clean, which is intended to highlight the heavy sense of the small history of tsinghua university and the sense of mission of the present world. The main colors of the school uniforms are purple, grey and white: purple and white are taken from the main visual recognition colors of tsinghua university, and the purple is the color of the purple flowers and lilacs of tsinghua university. And gray is because the stylist sees the main color of the main building of qinghua school is gray, at the same time gray also accords with tsinghua to the small low-key, practical style more. The new school uniform won the unanimous approval of parents and teachers.

Logo design

Calibration is a symbol of the school's concept and characteristics, and the school logo is usually displayed in the important position of each school uniform. Therefore, the design of the school logo is also the focus of the designer. For different cultural characteristics of the school, school of design has a unique flavor, the production process, should also consider logo different embroidery, knitting method is used to highlight the school culture. At present, the school uniforms are more mature, and the design of the school logo is also very hard. The delicate and powerful logo can be used to highlight the whole outfit.

Style design

Uniform style design is different from other market sales clothes, each design should have its own uniqueness, should have design highlights. The school uniform designer also needs to consider the overall matching effect of the garment from the professional perspective, and fully display the spirit of the students through the clothing. Wearing the clothes with good overall effect can even arouse students' awareness and pursuit of beauty.

For example, many Japanese school uniforms have a strong uniqueness and overall effect. Good school for the student's appeal is very strong, especially the female students, school uniform style and even affect the choice of enters a higher school, some unique uniforms and even led to a "copy" uniform agitation, namely imitation of student uniforms popular clothing style design.

Cost problem

School uniforms are usually purchased by parents, and the family situation of the students in the same school is sometimes very different. So the school uniform on the setting of prices need to consider the popularity, and uniform stylist generally will be at the cost and quality of reasonable control up and down a lot of kung fu, namely to the pursuit of product price, in a limited space, the cost of as much as possible for the Chinese children to design more excellent school uniforms.

In terms of quality and safety, it is necessary to pass strict quality inspection system, such as through cooperation with authoritative testing institutions such as SGS. Last year China also introduced the latest national uniform standards, on the product details including material, process for students to take more strict industry standard requirements, to ensure that every child can comfortably wear school uniforms. These quality inspection requirements and standards are the bottom limit of school uniform designers, which must be achieved, and then we should consider the cost.