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Workshop work clothes material, style requirements
- May 03, 2018 -

Workshop overalls do not require expensive, brand, as long as suitable for oneself. Whether the work clothes are suitable is the key to choose the work clothes, such as the electrician's clothing, because the workers always work before the spark, which requires the fabric fire resistance and flame retardant. This requires all cotton series, cotton card, cotton ball, etc. If it is electronic, food industry, request antistatic, dustproof fabrics. If the radiation is more serious, then you need to customize the electromagnetic radiation protective clothing, the style of the workshop work clothes should not be too fashionable, as long as simple and appropriate to operate.

Shop work clothes custom choice of manufacturers are also important. The strength of a manufacturer is not only guaranteed in quality, but also the after-sales service is in place. So choose manufacturer must choose the factory that has own enterprise culture.

Radiation protection suits application range is very wide, in the work, he protects the body of the staff from all walks of life in the influence of electromagnetic radiation, making work smoothly, also can let the staff's health, in the life, pregnant mother to protect health also will choose their fetus radiation protection suits. Radiation protection is real, and it protects people's health.