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The nurse wore ceremonial knowledge
- May 03, 2018 -

The custom-made nurse's clothes are also required to be of good quality. Otherwise, in front of the patient, you are wearing poor quality nurses. Do you think they will believe your hospital? So the nurse's dress is also the front door of the hospital. Nurses must also pay attention to the etiquette of nurses. Nurse's uniform is very important to dress up, the nurse's dress and hat represents the characteristics of the nursing profession, the nurse's mental outlook, general nurses are need to keep it, this is not only the patient's respect and respect for the industry. It also symbolizes confidence, confidence and hope. The nurse's cap was not worn by the eyebrows, but the ears, but the collar. The posture, posture and posture of nurses can reflect a person's cultural accomplishment. At the time of patients to nurses, lost his temper, the nurse must have patience to explain, and alleviate sufferings for the patient, the patient is known to all, had some meaning will lose his temper, if you is bad for him again, he will be with you hair up directly. The patient's heart is already weak, this need your concern. Nurses should be good looking, neat and simple, elegant and generous, well-trained behavior, not only constitute the nurse's beauty, and to a certain extent, reflects its inner state and interest, the nurse ornaments moderation, corresponds to a nurse role, to make patients feel kind, kind and trustworthy.