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The following items are noted as follows
- May 03, 2018 -

1, the workshop and laboratory chemical enterprises are generally contain corrosive substances, and laboratory staff workers wear work clothes should be more thick tight sleeve, in addition to wear rubber apron, rubber their gloves, rubber tube overshoes. If necessary, wear a helmet or separate overalls.

2, is engaged in the chef and food manufacturing workers should be dressed in white, behind buckle overalls, the uniform for knee length, sleeve can fasten, and wear hats, masks, this ensures that food will not be polluted.

3. The agricultural production is usually outdoors, just choose cotton clothes with lighter color. If you're working in a forest, you'll have to tighten your collar, cuff, and ankle, not only to prevent mosquito bites, but also to prevent snakebites.

4, work in the high temperature environment, must choose thick and soft fabric, color should use light color or white is given priority to, because it can protect the skin, no radiation burns to the skin. Be sure to wear clothes at high temperatures. Wear long-sleeved clothes and trousers, and wear gloves, masks, and pads.

5, mechanical industry workers because of the need to often move back and forth between machines, mechanical workers work clothes is tight, hem and cuffs, leg can be buckle up, and fabric requirements is solid, wear-resisting, this will prevent clothes foul by a machine.