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The cutting method of the sleeves of administrative work clothes
- May 03, 2018 -

Administrative uniforms can be included in the category of administrative uniforms. It includes office clerks, managers, bank clerks, securities companies, government, civil servants, administrators, teachers, etc. This kind of dress has one thing in common, it is to show the dress person is composed, professional, authority feeling, usually with suit suit is given priority to. Let's take a look at the cutting methods of the sleeves of administrative work clothes.

The arms and body parts are only connected by the joints, so the range of activities is larger. From the perspective of functional design, the sleeves are generally separated from the body. Usually, the combination of plane and stereo is used in the three-dimensional cut of sleeve.

1. Three-dimensional cutting of a sleeve:

1. Three-dimensional cut without a single sleeve.

(1) finish garment body draping, measure the armhole curve, set wide sleeve length and sleeve, apply adequate amount to a piece of cloth, mark the sleeve after the center line, long sleeve top point and sleeve, sleeve in 14 cm high auxiliary line draw level, according to the armhole curve to determine the length of the sleeve cap line. The sleeve mountain arc is drawn by the method of plane cutting, and the bottom line of sleeve is connected.

(2) compound the sleeves and body, and pay attention to the uniformity of folds;

(3) after marking the marks, remove sleeve pieces from the table and recorrect the sleeve mountain arc.

2. The three-dimensional cut of the bubble sleeve.

(1) take the plate type of the uncut sleeve to fold, cover the fabric and place the pleats at the middle of the sleeve, and cut out the base sleeve sample of the bubble sleeve;

Based sample sleeve (2) will be covered in JianBei place, make the sleeve centerline and shoulder line alignment, one by one and make fold shape, pay attention to the uniform plait quantity, check whether the shape is conform to the requirements, after confirmation, make the mark pen;

(3) remove sleeve pieces from the table, flattening and revising the contour lines.

3. The stereo cutting of the horn sleeve.

The stereo cutting method of the trumpet sleeve is the same as that of the bubble sleeve, but only in the cuff.

2. The three-dimensional cut of two sleeves work clothes:

The two pieces of sleeves are made up of two pieces of sleeves, which are a combination of sleeves. Draping of two sleeve of generally is based on arm, finish sleeves to the size of the business, sleeve curve is marked with a plane cutting method, finally determine the modelling of two sleeve in the people.

(1) measure the length and width of the two pieces of cloth on the arm respectively with a certain amount of looseness and mark the center line;

(2) arms before the center line up, flat on the table, from edge to the top sleeve 3 centimeters a token, covered in the arm, at the same time will be at the center line of cloth kind relaxed about 3 cm, suitable fixed arm down one by one, goes to your allowance to the side and sleeve seam, and make a mark;

(3) the operation step of the small sleeve is the same as that of the large sleeve;

(4) when the basic model is finished, it is taken down and placed on the platform, and the sleeve mountain arc is drawn according to the method of planar cutting, and a certain amount of surplus is left to cut off the excess material.

(5) sew the sleeve pieces with hand needle and combine them with the work clothes, then revise and finally determine the sleeve plate type.