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Analysis of the selection technique of professional clothing fabric
- May 03, 2018 -

1. Cotton material, the moisture absorption of cotton material is strong, the dyeing performance is good, the hand feels good to wear comfortable, breathable. The disadvantage is easy to shrink, the elasticity is poor, will appear the phenomenon of fading, and flammable, can not act as the professional clothing like electric welding.

2. All-cotton silk fabrics, the all-around mercerized fabric is made of cotton material by caustic soda treatment. The hand feels smooth and bright, and the defect is the same as cotton.

3. Dacron/cotton fabric is smooth, bright color, good moisture absorption, surface smooth and waterproof function. The disadvantage is not good washing, the water temperature should be under 30 degrees, and not in the year of the sun, can not wring out.

4, wool, feel soft, elastic, luster and soft, comfortable and beautiful, feel more high-grade, hygroscopicity good, not easy heat conduction, warmth retention property good, crease resistance, especially in the clothing processing better fly folds after ironing forming and clothing cover type, fault is not alkali resistance, shrinkage, easy to wrinkle.

5. Composite fabric is made of two kinds of fabric using advanced glue. The fabric is thick, warm and elastic, with good wind and rain protection. The fabric of NT ground coat shall be washed separately and washed separately.

6. Silk fabric, smooth and smooth, comfortable and elegant. Poor anti-wrinkle ability, poor light tolerance, not long exposure, sensitive to alkali reaction. Ironing is to have the opposite low temperature, medium temperature ironing, when sprinkling water needs to be even.

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